Posted 10/09/2020

The Wood Creek Civic Association will hold its annual meeting at 7 p.m. on Thursday, October 29, 2020.  It will be held at Faith Baptist Church (across from Wood Creek’s entrance).  The meeting will be held outdoors under the main entrance’s carport.  Please bring a chair and follow mask & distancing guidelines.  Nominations and elections will be held for all offices and discussions will include WCCA finances, dues and annual contracts.

Posted 09/22/2020

The Wood Creek community yard sale will take place  this Saturday, Sept. 26 at 8 a.m.

WCCA will advertise in the newspaper and post signs at the entrance along Limestone Road.  Please help advertise through social media.  

Reminder – as announced at the 2018 annual meeting, WCCA has established reoccurring dates for the yard sales.  The spring sale will be the first Saturday in May and the fall sale will be the last Saturday in September.    

Posted 10/11/2019

The Wood Creek Civic Association will hold its annual meeting at 7 p.m. on Thursday, October 17, 2019. 

It will be held at Faith Baptist Church (across from Wood Creek’s entrance). 

Please use the entrance on the right side of the church.

  Nominations and elections will be held for all offices and discussions will include WCCA finances, dues and annual contracts.

Posted 6/9/2019

2019 Dues are now past due.

Please make checks payable to Wood Creek Civic Association and mail to:

Wood Creek Civic Association
P.O. Box 142
Hockessin DE 19707

Posted 2/25/2019

WCCA First Billing 2019

Posted 12/12/2018

Santa Claus at Wood Creek!

Saturday December 15th, 5 pm at the Wood Creek Park!

Posted 10/18/2018

The annual meeting of the Woodcreek Civic Association will be held on 

Thursday November 8th at 7pm to 9pm , at the Faith Baptist Church on Limestone road, across from the Woodcreek entrance.

Posted 9/26/2018

The Wood Creek community yard sale will take place Saturday, Sept. 29 at 8 a.m. 

WCCA will advertise in the newspaper and post signs at the entrance along Limestone Road. 

Posted 4/13/2018

Y a r d  S a l e

Wood Creek Food Drive

Posted 11/03/2017

Food Drive - Wood Creek 2017

Natural Gas Update

Posted 12/17/2017

Update of Natural Gas Installation in WC

The final resident gas line laterals are being installed in Wood Creek.  If any resident has an unresolved issue regarding the installation, please reach out to the Wood Creek liaison, Rick Rokita.  Over the past months he has been working with Delmarva and the third party contractors for our neighborhood.

He can be reached at 302-740-9123 or

Posted 07/12/2017

On Site Meetings for Installation

Sample email from Delmarva regarding meter & service installation & location

Subject: Woodcreek – Natural Gas Onsite Meeting Needed
From: Gas Engineering <>
Date: Mon, July 10, 2017 2:32 pm
Cc: “Lobley, Brent:(DPL)” <>, “June,
Michael:(DPL)” <>

Thank you for applying for natural gas service. As you know, the project has begun in the neighborhood of Woodcreek.  The contractor Brandywine Construction has started installing the natural gas mains in the neighborhood.  While the gas mains are being installed at the state right of way (curb line),the next step would involve an on-site meeting with a Delmarva field representative. The intent of this meeting is to discuss location of the service line and ultimately placement of the gas meter.

In order to help streamline this process we have some time slots the field representative, Brent Lobley, has blocked out time slots for the Woodcreek community. This is just an attempt to schedule the on-site meetings by way of e-mail correspondence.  The on-site meeting typically takes about 30 minutes.

Posted 05/01/2017

Delmarva Natural Gas Expansion

Work will begin this week on the natural gas installation.  Rick Rokita is the main contact and you can reach him at 302-740-9123 if needed.

Posted 03/15/2017

PreConstruction Meeting Minutes

Wood Creek Natural Gas Expansion – March 2017

This meeting included staff from Delmarva Power, Rep. Mike Ramone and Wood Creek residents

General information:

  • Construction will begin late March or early April
  • Final restoration from construction has a target date of 10/31/2017
  • The brief outline of the project’s steps are:
    • Miss Utility will mark-off utility locations within WC
    • The main lines for gas will be installed first before any laterals.  The preliminary order of the installation is:
      1. Greenwood
      2. Woodward
      3. Barberry
      4. Ocheltree
      5. Gregg
      6. Daylilly
      7. Jonquil
      8. Hosta
      9. Quince
      10. Sweetleaf
      11. Jasmine
      12. Ivy
      13. Maureen
      14. Blue Grass
      15. Coralberry
      16. Daphne
      17. Lilac
  • The larger 4” main coming off of Limestone Road will be installed down Greenwood Drive and convert to a smaller 2” pipe near Greenwood Court.  The smaller inch pipe will then be installed throughout the rest of WC.  The initial pipe will be more on the roadway but all other installs will be done in the right-of-way areas of individual lots.
    • The Board has requested a detailed map that displays the side of the street where the pipe will run.  Once received, this information will be passed along to residents.  Here is a quick overview of the street detail:
      1. Greenwood – odd side of the street
      2. Woodward – even side of the street
      3. Barberry – even side of the street
      4. Ocheltree – even side of the street
      5. Gregg – most houses
      6. Daylilly – most houses
      7. Jonquil – most houses
      8. Hosta – most houses
      9. Quince – all houses
      10. Sweetleaf – odd side of the street
      11. Jasmine – odd side of the street
      12. Ivy – all houses
      13. Maureen – most houses
      14. Blue Grass – even side of the street
      15. Coralberry – odd side of the street and into most of cul-de-sac
      16. Daphne – most houses
      17. Lilac – most houses
  • Placement of equipment and supplies.  At the beginning of the project, pallets of supplies will be located throughout the neighborhood.  Delmarva will try to work with residents regarding their placement.
  • The initial construction will consist of test holes in the yards.  This step will provide information on the type of soil, rock and other obstructions that may exist in the ground.
    • The test holes may have temporary measures with fill or covers until the line is installed and final restoration is performed.
  • During the line installation, most work will be done with underground tunneling but in areas with rock, larger equipment may be necessary.  They will take trees, lot improvements and driveways into account but cannot guarantee no disturbance.  Residents should anticipate some lawn disturbance that will be addressed with final restoration at the end of the project.
    • There is the possibility that driveways may need to be cut if the line cannot be run underneath it.  In this case, a temporary patch would be installed and then more substantive repair will be completed at final restoration.
  • Individual lateral lines to homes will be installed after all main lines are completed.
    • Delmarva staff will work directly with residents who have submitted an application and their hired contractors.  Dave Titter, Delmarva Field Technician will be the main point of contact for this part of the job.  His contact information is at the end of this notice.
    • If a resident has not previously submitted an application, please contact Delmarva to become part of the project.
    • With individual installs, Delmarva will run the lateral, riser and line to the meter.  From the meter and into the home, along with the gas line and appliance hook-up, will need to be performed by a New Castle County licensed utility contractor. 
  • Meeting Q&As

Q. Who is the contractor for this job?

A. The utility contractor who will be performing the installation has not yet been selected.  This project was bid as one complete project so WC should only have one contractor performing all the work.

Q. Will all the main line installs be in the street or on resident properties?

A. Aside from the main line install off of Limestone Road, all work will be in the State right-of-way (ROW) on individual properties.  Delmarva did note that with the work in the ROW, all work will follow State guidelines.

Q. What if I have a tree within the install area?

A. Delmarva and the contractors have dealt with this and consult with Arborist guidelines for the depth and location of the lines.

Q. Wood Creek is supposed to have upcoming streets paved through DelDOT.  Will this work coincide with that?

A. Both Delmarva and Rep. Mike Ramone stated Delmarva will work with DelDOT to work in conjunction with each to prevent a newly paved road from being disturbed.

  • Delmarva staff reinforced throughout the meeting that if anyone has concerns or comments, please reach out to them. or 302-290-9636.

Posted 02/27/2017

There is a pre-construction meeting with Delmarva power this Thursday,  March 2nd, at 7 pm at the
Faith Baptist church across the street from the Wood Creek entrance.

Posted 11/07/2016

At Wood Creek’s annual civic meeting last Thursday night, staff from Delmarva Power spoke of the upcoming natural gas installation.  Below are Q&As discussed at the meeting:

  • Q:    I received a letter requesting a $200 deposit for the project – why?
  • A:    Everyone who submitted an application in the past year stating an interest in natural gas received the recent letter requesting the $200 deposit necessary to move forward with the project.
  •         The $200 check will not be deposited by Delmarva until all checks are received and the project is slated to move  forward.  This will be after December 31st.
  • Q:    What is the $200 deposit for?  When will I be reimbursed for this deposit?
  • A:    The $200 deposit is required for your home to be included in the lateral and meter installation for natural gas by Delmarva.  The program defines that homeowner’s will receive 100 feet of lateral installation (from the street to your   home) for free plus the gas meter when completed within 5 years of the project start date.  Once the installation is     complete and the meter starts, the $200 deposit will be refunded back to the current property owner.  In the   installation is not completed within the 5 year timeframe, the homeowner forfeits the $200.
  • Q:    When will the work be completed for the main gas line in Wood Creek?  
  • A:    Wood Creek is number two on the list for upcoming installs.  Once all the deposit checks are received, the project will go out for bid.  Delmarva anticipates a start date in April, May or June of 2017 and the process may take up to three months.  All work should be completed prior to the winter of 2017-2018.
  • Q:    What is required from the homeowner for this project?
  • A:    1 – submit the $200 deposit check by December 15.
  •         2 – Determine your projected install date.  Delmarva power will contact you during the winter to discuss meter     placement (front or side of home) and when you would like to move forward with the lateral installation (remember its required within 5 years).
  •         3 – Hire a utility contractor to complete the gas installation from the meter into your home and hook-up to the       appliance. The cost to run a gas line inside your home and the appliance conversion or new appliance is the   responsibility of the homeowner.  The contractor you hire will work closely with Delmarva to facilitate both Delmarva’s and the utility contractor’s installs as Delmarva would not complete the meter install without the inside work completed and a gas tag representing the work has been inspected by New Castle County.
  • Q:    Do you have a list of contractors a homeowner can use for the inside work?
  • A:    Delmarva does not find a list of contractors.  A Plumber or HVACR contractor would perform the work.  The   contractor will need to be licensed in New Castle County for perform the utility work and obtain a permit from New     Castle County to receive the gas tag required by Delmarva for final install.
  • Q:    What if I did not complete an application previously but now want to have natural gas installed at my home?
  • A:    There is still time to get into the program.  Complete the attached application and mail it in with a $200 deposit     check by December 15.
  • Q:    What address do I use to send my deposit check?
  • A:    You should have received a self-addressed envelope with the deposit request letter.  If that is not available, please send the payment to: Switch To Gas Team 88MK62, Delmarva Power, PO Box 231, Wilmington, DE 19899-0231

Any additional questions can be sent by email to the Wood Creek Board at or to Delmarva at or 302-429-3117.

Delmarva Application for Natural Gas.